Vernon Developments
Surface Treatment

Purpose and Processes
Surface treatment is usually designed for one of two things: to protect the underlying material for as long as possible; and/or to create a certain look inline with the product to which it is fitted.

For items made of mild steel, we offer three main finishes and each have their own set of pros and cons.

Zinc Plating
This is often the cheapest of finishes and this shows when put to use.

Zinc plated products offer limited resistance to white rust and second-stage corrosion. While it provides a cost effective surface treatment for a lot of parts, its limited resistance often makes it unsuitable for parts located in areas subject to harsh environmental elements.

Because it is such a basic finish and, where there is an option, is often selected because of the lower cost, we reserve the right to offer limited warranty. The inclusion of them on your vehicle should be done with the knowledge that they may not perform as expected. For parts that are fixed externally and may be subject to a harsh environment, we try to offer alternative finishes, and if we do not presently stock anything, we will work with you to see if there is anything we can do.

Zinc, which is present in both zinc plating and galvanising, reacts with oxygen and presents itself as white rust. It may start to form a frosty looking exterior and may even appear dull when compared to a brand new item. This happens almost straight away, to some degree, but is often accelerated by other chemicals in the atmosphere or picked up off the road surface. Galvanising out-performs zinc plating simply because there is a thicker coating of zinc, increasing the amount of time before the bare steel is exposed.

  • Cheap
  • Initially, looks good and is nice and smooth

  • Doesn't last very long

Hot dip galvanising offers a far superior level of protection to the underlying steel. However, not every item we stock in zinc also comes in galvanised.

Like zinc plating, there is a natural oxidation process that presents itself as white rust. This is normal, but it will result in the product not looking its best almost immediately. Regardless of it being zinc plated or galvanised, the natural reaction and subsequent look are not suitable reasons to reject the item; it is doing its job which is protecting the underlying steel.

  • Long lasting
  • Self-healing

  • Doesn't always look good and may have a rough surface and is not always shiny

Powder Coating
A few of our items are black powder coated. This gives it a finish that looks good and is long lasting.

However, it is not without its own flaws. Unlike galvanised, it is not self-healing. This means that if the item is subject to damage that results in the paint chipping away, the underlying steel will be at risk and will need treating to prevent rust.

  • Looks good
  • Smooth finish
  • Long lasting

  • Doesn't self-heal
  • Costs more